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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Crossmember VS Rocks


 She was SAFE

through the entire incident...

I am glad she drives a nice big car.

Of Course, 

the rocks won that battle


the crossmember is designed to break

to keep the frame from bending.

The rocks in this part of the country grow big ...

We will fix her right up


as always

Thanks to our customers 


Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Most Recalled US Automakers

This list is a current

  Recall Ratio Rate Since 1980

1. Hyundai

2. Mitsubishi

3. VW

4. Volvo

5. Chrysler

6. Honda

7. Ford

8. BMW

9. Toyota

10. Kia

11. Subaru

12. Nissan

13. GM

14. Mazda

15. Mercedes

It is nice to see the Automakers stepping up recently.

Too bad for all the consumers

 who have made repairs 


    dealt with human loss

 due to a recall

 that should have happened years ago.

Smart Car VS Deer

NO Laughing Matter




Choose a

Safe Car

over a

Smart Car.

Monday, March 28, 2016

The Therapist is "IN"

1967 Chevelle SS 396

Original Survivor

Some Saturday fun...

Cruise to Calico Rock.

Awesome BBQ!

"El C" has left the building.

Thank You to our customers!

We appreciate you guys.

Have a great week.


Saturday, March 5, 2016

Money Making Parts

I can't figure out 

how the people that own this company

Can sleep at night

knowing that they have 

money making parts

that hurt people.

If I were making parts

designed to protect human lives,

I would want to know the product works.

I wouldn't hire people to say that 

mother nature has a way of defecting the part,

especially after replacing so many of those defective 

money making parts with more defective parts!

If you drive around and don't think about that defective 

money making part ending your life  or disfiguring and injuring 

you or your loved one, 

then I guess everything will remain the same for all the 

part makers in this world. 

I think they should be held accountable myself!

And all the other seedy money making part producers getting away with murder.

Stay safe  and educated about your vehicles that you trust everyday 

to drive you mindlessly from point A to point B...

All that money those parts made for that Company 

should be awarded to the consumers that trusted those parts to protect.

Your mind would be blown if you ever got to see that dollar figure!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Who likes Ram Power?

Wow Dewayne...Nicest Ram in town!

You are definitely turning heads...

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Body Shop Humor

We did this for a customer last month
and that is NO JOKE...

She was so happy to press her horn button on the steering wheel 
and hear her brand new Low and High Note Horn set up!
What a happy horn blowing commuter she is now.
Beep Beep doesn't even do hers justice.

Happy 'Safe Commuting' New Year everyone.

The best customers are here!

Thanks All.

Best Wishes for your 2016

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Auto Recalls November 2015

Consumer Alert

These Automakers charge a lot of money
for the product you get...

Be choosey and demand safety!

No matter WHAT automobile you buy.

It's nice to see these companies fixing the things they build incorrectly!
Don't trust any automaker out there, best advice.
If something isn't right with your purchase,
be the one to call them and complain,
and NOT the dealer where you purchased,
call the automaker and make them own up!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

These recalls are serious business nowadays...

Good to see the Automakers getting serious about these issues
instead of dodging bullets, turn tail and run...

DETROIT -- General Motors is recalling about 3,300 late-model pickups and SUVs to fix an ignition switch that can slip out of the run position and cause the engine to stall, a problem that mirrors the deadly defect that led GM last year to recall 2.6 million small cars.
In a statement, GM said it is aware of five unintended shutoffs but no injuries or fatalities related to the latest problem, which affects some 2014 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra light-duty pickups and some 2015 heavy-duty pickups, along with ’15 Suburban and Tahoe SUVs.
GM said some of the trucks have an ignition lock actuator gear with an outer diameter that is larger than specifications, which can make it more difficult to turn the ignition key. The key can get stuck in the “start” position, a problem that is more likely to occur with warmer interior temperatures, GM said.
A “significant jarring event,” or a cooling of the cabin, could cause the lock cylinder to move out of “start,” rotate past the “run” position and into the “accessory” position, GM said. That would cut power steering and brakes and deactivate the airbag in certain crashes.
Dealers will replace the ignition lock housing, GM said.
The company said it caught the problem early as a result of its “Speak Up for Safety,” program, an internal reporting system implemented in the midst of last year’s recall that encourages employees to report possible safety issues. The switch defect was reported by an employee who experienced the problem in his own truck, GM said.
GM said it is a different defect than the one that affected older-model Chevrolet Cobalt and other cars, though it can have the same dangerous effect. In the small cars, the ignition switch was flimsy and prone to slipping out of place if jostled.
That problem was linked to 124 deaths and 275 injuries, an independent victims’ compensation fund determined. GM has agreed to pay $625 million to those victims and their families.
An independent investigation found that some GM engineers and lawyers for years failed to elevate the issue to superiors. GM last month agreed to pay $900 million to the U.S. Justice Department to settle related charges.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Happy Halloween Everyone...Don't trip when you fall back Saturday night!!!

Do you trust automatic braking systems? I won't...

Ford F-150

Ford is recalling some 37,000 2015 Ford F-150 pickup trucks for a potential issue with the adaptive cruise control.
The company said that when passing "a large, heavily reflective truck," the radar in the adaptive cruise could incorrectly identify the truck as being in the F-150's lane of travel. The F-150 could then automatically apply the brakes until the adaptive cruise system system no longer believes this to be the case.
Ford said it received a report of one accident related to this issue. No injuries were reported.
The recall affects certain 2015 Ford F-150 vehicles built at Dearborn Truck Plant, March 18, 2014 through Aug. 5, 2015, and at Kansas City Assembly Plant, Aug. 11, 2014 through Aug. 6, 2015.
It includes 36,857 trucks in North America, including 33,481 in the U.S.
Dealers will update the adaptive cruise software at no cost.
Ford Taurus, Lincoln MKS and Ford Explorer
The company is recalling about 250 Ford Taurus and Lincoln MKS cars from the 2015 model year, as well as certain 2016 Ford Explorers, for a potential issue with fuel tank attachment bolts that may not be properly tightened.
If the bolts are not properly attached, the fuel tank straps could break over an extended amount of time, causing the fuel tank to separate from the vehicle and ultimately leading to a fuel leak, Ford said. This could lead to a fire.
Ford is not aware of any accidents, injuries or fires related to the issue.
Affected vehicles were built at Chicago Assembly Plant on July 24, 2015.
Dealers will properly tighten the volts for free. 
Ford F-53 and F-59
Ford is recalling about 1,500 Ford F-53 and F-59 stripped chassis vehicles from the 2016 model year for a potential issue with a shift control bracket. The bracket may have been improperly manufactured, and could allow the vehicle to be shifted in to reverse without the driver applying the brakes.
Ford knows of no accidents or injuries related to the issue.
Affected vehicles were built at Detroit Chassis Plant, June 1, 2015 through Aug. 11, 2015.
Dealers will replace the shift control bracket for free.
Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ
Ford said a compliance recall covers about 700 Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ cars from the 2016 model year. The recall involves a fuel tank that may have been improperly built and could crack in a crash.
Ford is aware of no accidents, injuries or fires related to the issue.
Affected vehicles include certain 2016 Ford Fusion vehicles built at Hermosillo Assembly Plant, Sept. 3, 2015 through Sept. 13, 2015, and certain 2016 Lincoln MKZ vehicles built at Hermosillo Assembly Plant, Sept. 3, 2015 through Sept. 12, 2015.
Dealers will replace the fuel tanks in affected cars for free. 

Friday, September 25, 2015

Zeus drives a Mitsubishi...

Good Friday Morning.

Zeus stopped in for some repairs.

Great Customers Here!


Good help is hard to find

we have good help here


missing Rick's helper 

for Three weeks

(Chad made it back yesterday, YAY!)

has been crippling the flow around here.

I'm so thankful

we have the 


customers around.


Monday, September 14, 2015

Know Your Dashboard Lights

Just in case you were wondering what those lights really mean...

Remember all those self driving cars?

Not going too well for those automakers, haha...

A $60 Laser can bring a self driving car to a halt!

Please, make sure you have a human driving your car.

That is how driving was inteneded in the first place!!!

Enjoy your drive...

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

AutoMaker RECALLS August 2015...

Keep updated on your automobile recalls.

The Auto makers are finally admitting to their faults a lot more lately.

Nothing is perfect in this World. 

Keep yourself SAFE while in an auotomobile.

You never know when that OTHER person 

or non person

will come along and wreck your World!

Hot Hues

Hot Hues

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Cammo N Pink

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Dan "The Man"

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